Your Journey With Alice Solar

Handle everything from the comfort of your own home, live stress-free every step of the way

Step 1

• We will pull up satellite imagery of your home to evaluate your roof to determine what size solar array is the best fit for your home.

• While we evaluate your roof, we’ll use your past 12 months energy usage to identify exactly how many panels you’ll need to offset your energy usage

Step 2

No “Sales”: Our consultants are trained solar professionals, not sales people. We take you through the process to ensure it’s a smart decision for your home. It’s not right for everyone, and we won’t pretend it is.

True-Cost: The proposal contains a break-down of the incentives you qualify for and how much your investment will be.

Step 3

• One of our certified professionals will come out to your property to ensure everything is 100% as expected and to answer any questions you may have.

Done-For-You Permitting: There are a number of permits (electrical, fire, building) required for your system. But we handle everything 100%.

No Hidden Costs: The price of the system includes all installation fees. You can rest easy knowing the number you get from day 1 won’t change.

Step 4

Generate Clean Energy: Once your system is turned on you will start producing clean energy from your panels.

Continued Support: Our team doesn’t stop working for you once the system is powered on. We’re standing by to assist you with any questions you may have after the system is live.

• Your system is installed, energized, and ready for action! The entire process involved little effort on your part but the outcome is outstanding. Enjoy your new life as you…

Who We Serve


One of your most important investments you made
when you purchased your house, yet you are still
renting the energy needed to power it. Take control and
secure your financial future with solar.

Business Owners

Solar allows businesses to take control of their energy
costs and re-engage your customers by adopting
cutting-edge, sustainable business solutions.

Hundreds Of Installs And Counting

A New Solar Home. Every 84 Seconds

Calculate Your Savings With Solar!

Because of skyrocketing utility prices, there’s never been a better time to go
solar. From the moment your panels go up, you start saving money. And those
financial benefits continue to accumulate for the next 25 to 40 years.